Jet Washing

For Patios Paths and Paved Surfaces

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Jet washing

Patio Cleaning

Patio cleaning as well as cleaning of the driveway is best done through the technique of power jet washing. It is necessary to get the your patio or driveway jet washed since it is usually the entrance to the house and must therefore reflect the high hygiene standards you are already maintaining within the house.

Moreover, dust and grime can have adverse effects on the health of family members and the proximity of the driveway to the house necessitates that it is always neat and free of dirt.

Our cleaning experts are trained to do excellent jet washing job on cleaning any outside area which attract weeds, moss and algae. High pressure jet washing is a cost effective and quick way of bringing dirty patios back to life. Making your driveways look as good as the day they were laid.

The four stages to a beautifully restored patio or driveway:

Step 1 - Surface Cleaning
Step 2 - Weedkiller and Fungicidal wash
Step 3 - Re-sanding / Repointing of joints
Step 4 - Sealant Coating to enhance and protect your driveway or patio

Roof Cleaning

We provide:

  1. Roof Cleaning

  2. Cleaning guttering and down pipes

  3. Treating roof with a very effective moss killer

Roof Cleaning