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Block Paving Driveways

Block Paving Driveway

Block Paving Driveway

Block Paving Driveway

Block paving gives your property a unique and fresh look that’s very easy to get used to, and will help improve the overall look and feel of your home.

Many households decide to go with block paving for a variety of reasons, including;

  • Block paving is durable in many ways, having a block pathway/driveway to your home can be a hugely useful asset that will ensure everything stays together even during those horrible winter months

  • This is a hugely desirable look for homes; many people will be more than happy to look at your home if you ever decide to sell based on this fact. It’s a very interesting look and many people believe it’s by far and away the most welcoming look for outside of a home

  • It’s a look that isn’t exactly going to go out of date, either. Block paving has been around for many years and still retains that fantastic appeal to many clients.

  • It’s all about being to find the right style and look for a home, and the best way to do that is to simply put everything together in the nicest package possible.

JJP Roofing Building, concentrates on doing this by delivering a service that is varied, timely and can easily match the standards of any other block paving firm within the local area.

We know how to make the design stand out, but we also know how to present the service. We only hire expert installers who can offer block paving at the highest level, but we also only hire staff members who are genuine, good people.

Imprint Concrete

Imprinted Concrete is a method used for laying high strength concrete and applying both the chosen colour and pattern to the surface of the mix in situ. Provided it is laid correctly there are many advantage for using this product on driveways, patios, paths, pool surrounds or any other area requiring a suitable hard standing.

Imprint Concrete Driveway

Imprint Concrete Driveways

Here at JJP Roofing and Building we pride ourselves on the appearance, strength and durability of our finished product, but what makes Patterned Concrete driveways superior to the alternatives?  Roman Cobble pattern imprinted concrete driveway.

  • Extremely strong to withstand vehicles driving and parking on it.

  • A firm compacted sub-base and crack control joints to minimise any cracking.

  • The attractive appearance of cobbles, slate or blocks with no sinking or spreading.

  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete lends huge versatility to features such as steps and flower borders.

  • The bespoke design of each individual impressed driveway makes it unique.

  • Planning Permission is rarely required as we deal with all those requirements within the driveway design.

  • Low maintenance sealed surface enabling oil spillages to be easily removed.


Paving Slabs

Simple, concrete paving slabs make good a good alternative material to tarmacadam and other methods of driveway construction.  JJP Roofing and Building is trained professionally to provide quality construction and repair services regarding this kind of driveway.