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Roof repairs

With roof repairs we will undertake a full assessment on the roof. We inspect and take all aspects on the roof into consideration. We also check the status of the mortar and note any damages. The reason we carry out these checks is to ensure there are no leaks in the roof. If we find any issues to your roof we will inform you. After we repair any damages to your roof, we will inspect and inform you about the outcome.

Roof Repairs

Chimney Repairs

Chimney Re-pointing

Over time, weathering and decay causes deterioration in the joints between the brickwork.  This allows water penetration which can cause significant damage.  The mortar between the bricks will therefore, crack and crumble. Eventually the bricks will become loose and may dislodge.

Re-pointing is the process of renewing the mortar joints between bricks or masonry.  This will secure and stabilize the masonry.

Re-pointing will also enhance the external appearance of the building.

Example of a Chimney

Chimney Stacks

Most chimney damage or decay starts from the top down.  The top cement flaunching between you and your neighbour’s chimney pots should be laid in one continuous section without cracks/split.  The cement flaunching should be cambered so rainwater runs off the chimney to the outer edge.

The chimney stack is exposed to the full force of our weather. To withstand such conditions, chimney stacks must be maintained to the highest standard.

When repairs are required they should be made with the correct materials by an experienced contractor using appropriate tools and safety systems.

Tile repair

We offer a full range of roofing repairs and upgrades.

Are your tiles looking out of place, missing, broken or pointing in odd directions and not matching in colour?

Then look no further as JJP Roofing and Building can help you on your path to a perfect roof.

Cracked tiles will be removed as these are a severe safety issue.

Furthermore, we will also check in our assessment on the roof if the mortar is damaged at all by the weather as this can cause several types of issues in the future which can be prevented and can be expensive. Re-pointing tiles is quick and easy to do but can cause further damage if not done correctly.    

Tiling Services

1. We ensure we have the correct replacement tile. The most common tile types are concrete and terracotta. We do ensure it is the same type of tile/weight/colour, or it may  result in extra damage to the roof structure. 

2. Once we have safely removed to the broken tile, we need lift and reset the tiles that overlap the one repaired.  

3. We only use the correct tools (to lift up the tiles) and check the quality of the baton. 

4. We make sure that the placement (overlapping tiles) is in the correct position. 

5. We ensure the tile is securely in place. 

6. Have a quick check across the roof while you're there to survey any other potential damage.

We will replace any cracked tiles and asses the roof to see if there is any other safety issues.

Cracked tiles can be a very severe safety issue as tiles in general are heavy and you don't want to be near the roof if one falls off.  Or one falling onto your vehicles, if they are parked near the roof. 

Do you just want a new roof entirely?

It is possible to repair and replace roof tiles, however, if there is extensive damage to your roof it may need a complete new roof or re-roof (as its often called).

Should your roof require a complete overhaul, we will remove the tiles, batons and membrane and replace with new.

Sometimes the tiles can be used again, replacing any damaged ones of course.

Replacing a roof is a professional job and should be undertaken with care.

Any queries then please do give us a call.


 Before a new roof is installed.